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MS SQL Server uses MDF file to store your crucial data. You often need to execute queries to add, delete, or modify data stored in the MDF file.
Supported Software Version

SQL server recovery tool supports the following versions of MS SQL Server:

MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008.

Moneyback Guarantee
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Corruption Reasons
  • Damaged page header
  • Virus contamination
  • Unexpected SQL server shutdown
  • Operating system corruption
  • Errors:
    • "Possible index corruption detected. Run DBCC CHECKDB."
    • Unable to process index I_NAME of table O_NAME because filegroup F_NAME is invalid.
    • Could not find a table or object named '%.*ls'. Check sysobjects.
    • The system cannot self repair this error.
    • Table error: Page P_ID with object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID in its header is allocated by another object

Repair SQL Server Database

Software features
  • Repairs corrupt or damaged MDF files created using MS SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008.
  • Recovers deleted and partly damaged records.
  • Recovers tables, stored procedures, views, defaults, indexes.
  • Efficiently repairs primary, foreign and unique keys.
  • Repairs large .MDF files easily.
  • Creates script file(s) to save recovered files in it.
  • Recovers deleted records and saves the same in separate SQL script.
  • Performs recovery of MS SQL Server backup files.
  • Displays preview of recovered objects prior to saving the same.
File Size: 2.03 MB
Starting Price: $299

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Repair SQL tool is an outstanding, powerful and result-oriented SQL server recovery tool that performs flawless SQL Server repair. It can efficiently repair SQL server databases created using MS SQL Server versions 2000, 2005 and 2008. SQL repair tool repairs SQL database and recovers data from MDF database file efficiently.

Are you unable to access your precious .MDF files that consist of important organizational records? Has your MDF file got corrupt due to virus attacks, database corruption, media errors or server errors? Due to certain reasons, MDF database becomes unable to execute queries at times and therefore the user is unable to access the required information. If in case, the SQL database is affected by table corruption, then it displays the following error messages:

  • Record file is crashed
  • Unexpected end of file
  • can't find file tablethatshouldbethere.MYI
  • tablethatwasworking.frm is locked against change
  • Got error ### from table handler

In these situations, the only way to repair SQL server database is with the help of SQL server recovery tool-repair SQL software.

SQL repair tool is designed and developed to repair the corrupt .MDF database files and restore the recovered data in separate SQL script file(s). Owing to the powerful algorithms of SQL Server recovery tool, the tool scans and enlists the recovered data in a tree-like structure. You can repair SQL server database and verify recovered data by checking it in the preview.

In order to repair SQL database file, you first have to select the SQL Server version and then select the corrupt MDF file with the help of software. Pertaining to the powerful recovery techniques of this software, you can easily repair the corrupt MDF file and recover all the components of MDF files. The repair SQL software offers you the flexibility to perform SQL recovery from MDF file created using any of the above-mentioned SQL Server versions.

While you restore SQL database, repair SQL tool creates separate batch file to save recovered objects. For example, recovered views will be saved in a separate file with a file name- views.sql. After you save the file, the recovered objects can be accessed by opening the respective file from the saved location. The user-friendly interface of repair SQL tool makes it easy-to-use and thus using the tool doesn�t require any prior in-depth technical knowledge.

The items so recovered by the software are saved in separate script file(s), such as recovered views are saved in files named views.sql, which are created automatically by the software. Similarly, the other scripts files are created with the database are readily recreated and so the user can work easily on it again.

Repair SQL utility is also capable of rebuilding the corrupt .MDF files and save recovered data to newly created SQL database. Repair SQL lets you repair SQL server database including damaged primary, foreign and unique keys and recover all objects of SQL database such as triggers, stored procedures, views, rules, defaults, tables and records etc. Moreover, SQL recovery tool lets you recover deleted, damage as well as partly damaged records and lets you recover even the finest detail of data from indexes to table.

Download Evaluation Version
You can avail the free evaluation version of Repair SQL software for free. The free to evaluate version works just like the full version and lets you recover the data efficiently. However, the evaluation version limits you from saving the recovered SQL data. So to save the recovered data, you will need to purchase the full version of SQL recovery software.